Summer Fun with Outdoor Lighting

There is no time quite like the summer to inspire backyard parties and barbeques. Great food, fun friends, and endless drinks definitely make summer get-togethers memorable, but strategic outdoor lighting is key to keep the fun going long after sundown. Instead of relying on that fading spotlight out by your garage, try these ideas to lend a bit of creativity and excitement to your backyard fiesta zone.

Outdoor Lighting

Hanging Lit Garden
If you have an outdoor area with some type of roof or overhang, this idea is a must for Tampa residental lighting. First, find some type of flat surface that can serve as a base. Suspend that base from the ceiling to the height you prefer, and load it up with candles, tea lights, and gorgeous yet low-maintenance plants. This lush hanging light will not only create a beautiful glow at night, but will offer an instant source of conversation for all of your very impressed friends.

Paper Bag Lanterns
Who said Christmas lights stopped being valuable after the holidays? Buy colorful paper bags, cut holes in the bottom, and string them up on a row of Christmas lights so that each bag has a light shining through from the bottom of the bag. This can be done for just one strand of lights over a table or bench, or you can utilize multiple strands to cover an entire area like a glowing rooftop.

Painted Planters
Sometimes the best sources of light come from the least likely sources! WIth the right paint, you can actually make the different planters in your yard come alive at night and shine light onto the grass and pathways nearby.

Get Fancy
Chandeliers aren’t just for your entryway anymore! You can “upcycle” old or antique chandeliers to serve as a beautiful focus point in your outdoor area. Hang one from a tree, or above a picnic table for a classy and rustic feel that becomes useful at night.

These fun DIY tips can help you make your backyard party space even more festive.

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